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Working Through a Funk: Tools to Help you Move Forward

Hello Readers! Today I wanted to write close to the chest and talk about something which I think is not unique to my own experience in the past weeks: how to work through a funk.

I think we all might call it different names. Feeling lost, uninspired, depressed, or just bored with some of the ideas or pathways that used to excite you. It is no secret that there are seasons in life where everything seems to be going your way things just don't feel the same as they used to. I believe that I was in this so called "funk" for the last few weeks, and it really is a shock the psyche to live more days going through the motions than jumping out of your sheets. And I was finding the hardest part about this period was not my inability to do what I needed to do, but rather my inability to feel how I thought I was supposed to FEEL about them.

So what does one do when they are in a funk? That was the exact question I kept asking myself when I began to tune in on the realness of this condition. I tried some illicit ways to break it- and honestly those only seemed to make it worse. I tried ultra-clean-non-GMO living to detox from that state of being- and though that helped my waist line, it was not the most full proof method for helping my mental state.

So what really helped me through the funk and what can help you?

Very cheaply the answer is honesty and laughter.

Being honest is a necessity when you are in this state of mind. Telling your friends, families, and possibly coworkers how you are feeling is a very freeing tactic. It removes any worry or fear you might have over not being your usual self as in all fairness you are spending more mental energy trying to figure your own stuff out than normal. I say this too, because I find these moments of funk come usually at points of change or transition in life. Maybe you are finding yourself bored at work because it's not what you dreamed it to be. Or possibly you are finding yourself pulling away from certain relationships because you are realizing that they are no longer feeding your soul spirit. That is why honesty is powerful. Because these funks face you to not only be honest and open with others during your changes, but most importantly with yourself and your wishes for your life path. As Abe Lincoln would affirm: honesty is the best policy.

Additionally, the best solution you've probably never been mindful of is that of laughter. Laughter brings out our most raw human emotions, joy and presence. When we laugh we are hardly thinking about current thoughts or worries and instead remain contently in the present thinking simply about the smile bubbling up from your stomach and the silliness of a few moments of joy. Laughter truly is the best medicine. For your heart, body, and soul a few moments of fun everyday can call back your power in a fun and light hearted way.

So am I still in this funk? As of now I would say no, but I am not resentful of the past weeks I have spent in this state. As much as it may be challenging in the moment to live in this suspended state each time I come out on the other side seeing the benefits in hindsight. Sometimes are bodies know when we need to slow down and reevaluate, even when our conscious minds ignore its hints and try to shut these ideas down.

This was not my first funk and probably won't be my last either, but I know that every time I seem to come out stronger, with a different perspective that only benefits me in the future.

I mean I am back writing again aren't I?

Here's to a good summer you all. I am currently starting a new job that is coming in perfect timing to add some new variables in my life. And an advantage I am taking from these past weeks of funk has been a lot of thinking! So I am sure I will have some new posts on the horizon.

Until then, try and find something to laugh at today it may just eliminate your funk!

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