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Social Strategies: What to Do When Meeting New People

Hello Readers,

It's the beginning of the week and I think we all can say that we are recovering from the weekend! It's been a lot adjusting to a new school schedule, but it's enlightening to experience so many new details of my day too.

One of the elements almost always included is new social circles and activities. New classmates, different projects, and updated ways of thinking, promise the experience of great stimulation and possible stress. And so, it is important that you keep in mind the small tips you can remember when you are next placed in a new social environment to help you feel more confident.

Important Tips to Remember

1. Lead with a Smile

One of the best features on our face is a smile. When we lead with a welcoming and genuine facial expression it invites positive energy all around. When entering a room, you want to lead with your best asset and it will always serve you well. Meeting others with a frown or disinterested face projects a negative air that can push them away. Whereas entering with a bright smile encourages connection. This is one of the first tips to remember when meeting new people.

2. Shoulders Back, Chin Up

The secret language of posture is another important consideration. When you appear with your shoulders back you pull up your spine, and appear taller, and more elongated. This denotes confidence and self-esteem to others around you. Confidence is an attractive trait because it shows others that you are authentic and can assert yourself in a room. This will always put your best foot forward in social situations.

3. Remeber to Breathe

No one likes a breathless stranger jumping into conversation. When approaching others move slowly and with intention. This signifies confidence and maturity that will always be compelling. Remembering to breathe deeply also calms the nervous system that may be acting up from social anxiety.

4. Ask Questions

One of the easiest ways to get to know someone is to ask questions. Stem from your genuine curiosity and be attentive and responsive to their answers too. You can get a better picture of who you are talking to the more questions you ask them. It's also a nonchalant way to start up conversation. (IE a good pick up line ;).

5. Find a Common Ground

Last, but not least a great tool to remember is to find connection. Do they know someone you know? Do they like the same music as you do? Acknowledgement of these small hints of personality can be nuggets that you can use as dialogue prompts if needed. And be open minded, because you would be surprised by the similarities one can have with someone thought the opposite.

Well I will be taking these tips too as I continue my Senior Season here at Penn State. These posts are such great reflection on the innate actions of life. Sometimes it really is the small moments with others that can make your day worth while.

See you Next Week!

Brittany Fisher

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