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The Fun of a Fishy Friend: Happiness from Pets

Hello Readers! I opened my laptop and was inspired by my writing buddy: Pino.

Pino is a Half-Moon Double Tail beta fish whose name is inspired from his dark wine burgundy coloration.

Picking Up Rozay

Pino's history cannot be illustrated without mentioning his late brother Rozay, my first attempt at a pet fish. I got Rozay last November as an early Christmas gift from my dad. He was a similar color to Pino, and was the initial inspiration for my fleet of wine fishes. I loved Rozay and he became a familiar face in the kitchen for all who came in. Unfortunately, due to heating problems while I was away for Thanksgiving break, Rozay's life was cut short.

Unable to sit with an empty tank for the rest of the semester I went off in search of a brother for Rozay. And I found him staring back at me in the pet store! I picked Pino because he was a similar color to Rozay though a little bigger, and he had enough personality in his cup that I knew he would do better in a larger tank.

Pino enjoying his new home

I was extra careful with Pino in the beginning because I felt I was making up for his brother. And after car trips and breaks came and went I started to ease up the tension over success as a fish mom.

And, this is something I'm used to.

Growing up, I always had animals. From the wetlands (turtles and hermit crabs), to the clouds (exotic birds and sugar gliders), and the usual (two Leonburger mountain dogs) I grew accustomed to taking care and company with animals. So, it was a bit of a shock going to school and leaving the companionship of animals behind for the first time.

Part of me was relieved to be free of the chores associated with pets such as walks and cleaning. And, admittedly, it was freeing to not have to worry about anything other than myself initially. But, a part of me missed all the hassle too. Taking care of them, loving on them, and enjoying their presence has its benefits too, and there is a special bond when energy is given and reciprocated between species.

Pino in his tank

Luckily, I've had my animals at home to visit, yet for years I lived at school pet less, choosing the convenience over the companion. All of this to say, that going through my journey with these fishes has been very rewarding. It may seem silly since it's just some fish, but to me these fish represent the desire to be more responsible and selfless. They show me the importance of regularly taking time out of your day for someone or something else besides myself. And they also add joy to my life. Joy is created from our symbiotic relationship. Pino gets joy from being well taken care of, and I get the enjoyment of seeing him develop. Not a bad deal I'd say!

I'm the crazy fish mom I'll admit it! And that't okay I waited a long time for that honor!

Pets truly are a gift to the world. They bring wholesome joy into our lives and teach us important values. Here's to the animals!

Until next week :)

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