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The Daily Value of Creative Expression

Hello Readers,

I felt inspired today to talk about the impact consistent creativity has made in my life over the years, as I find it increasingly beneficial in my routine. Hopefully by the end of this post you'll see a reason to unleash some creativity that's probably been brewing.

Now readers, I would say that I've always had a very imaginative eye, but it wasn't until college that I feel that I've truly embraced my creative expression.

What exactly do I mean when I say creative expression? Well, in a sense it is very broad definition, but I define creative expression as anything that you create from your own imagination. This could take the form of creating a stories from your own words, illustrations from your unique brush strokes, or singing a new tune while you do this dishes. Creative expression, while not necessarily professional trained, is very much still a form of artistry that each one of us can perform.

I used to have the preconceived idea that you had to be good to do something artsy. I would limit myself from a variety of activities like dancing, drawing, and even writing! Yet, as I continue to mature I see how silly this notion actually is as it saves no one from pain and really only limits my own imaginative expression.

Quite simply, no one cares!

Since I've realized this fact my creative life has become much more colorful and that has granted me many benefits. Firstly, the activity of creative expression is an awfully good hobby to use up some time that would otherwise be used in less than enriching activities like streaming movies or scrolling through my Instagram feed. So, not only am I adding a positive outlet into my routine, I am also removing negative time sinks without any concerted effort. As of late, my favorite artistic activity is creating latch hook rugs. Born from a long abandoned project that I was attempting to finish, it actually spurred a very enjoyable routine of completing a few rows of yarn twisting every day which has replaced a considerable amount of TV time for me.

Additionally, creative expression can prove itself quite therapeutic- especially when it involves words. One hobby of mine that I picked up my freshman year has become a sort of casual calligraphy where I use felt markers to create designs and motivational sayings to post around my house. And what started as a light hearted way to doodle and play with color theory has evolved in a habit that genuinely inspires and motivates me in the long run.

Of course I'm sure you can guess the other creative expression activity since it is what inspired takeaways...writing of course. And well, although it can be a little tasking at times I would guess that of all my artisit endeavors this is the one which I at least do the most frequently. And before you roll your eyes and compare that comment with my laxidasical posting schedule from the last year I'll assert that I mean writing in the general sense. I actually do a fair amount of writing, a majority of which I just don't post. Journaling, poetry, and note taking is an integral part of my daily life. All usually traded off depending on my mood or intention and extremely helpful in processing emotional moments (both good and bad.) While also being a sound board and storage file for new ideas and/or revelations I may have.

Over the passed 3 years I've seen how carving out time for creative expression can be an invaluable tool for brain stimulation, mood regulation, and physical activity. Expert or not, no one can stop you from expressing yourself and your imagination in whichever way you see fit. A few moments of doodling or free-writing may just be the best tool one can use for deeper introspection and enjoyment throughout your days.

Here's to an imaginative week readers!

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