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Rest & Relaxation: the Keys to Maintaining Success

Good afternoon Readers!

When thinking about what I wanted to talk about this week I was at a loss. That was until I had my aha... I thought I had nothing to speak on since I've been resting a lot this week, but that's actually a point itself to highlight!

Up until recently, I'd been the type of person where I was either on or off. The days were jam-packed with activity or slow and burnt out. It was a way to do things, and it worked for a while, but I came to a point where that type of schedule can got draining. See, when you get used to that all or nothing feeling, decisions get a lot harder as you try to fit them inside those two extremes.

Having a month of real rest and relaxation at the start of the summer forced me to live with extra time for an extended amount of time. This meant that I couldn't sleep the days away or over fill them either, which left me rather bored.

For the first time in years I was bored.

I think I had the misconception that being bored was like a childlike activity. When I didn't have active responsibilities and an extensive social circle. So, it was inspiring to have that feeling again. The genuine desire to fill my time with light hearted hobbies and empower my own choice for how I wanted to spend my days. What I rediscovered through this internal shift was that rest has many more faces than sleep and sitting on the couch. Though that is a valued aspect of R&R, uncovering new opportunities within my boredom felt just as recharging as a good nap too.

And this is the important lesson I am learning about rest and relaxation. The best R&R is that which is habitual. As important as it is to schedule in your activities and trips, it is just as necessary to find spaces for your downtime as well. Then, you'll be able to feel satisfied throughout your days over just certain days.

So, for example, a form of relaxation I've found has been reading in the morning when I get up. It lights my creative brain as the first dopamine rush of the day, while also allowing some more time to cozy up in bed which I find rather enjoyable.

In addition, activities like walking, writing, dancing, and even cleaning have proved themselves value adds to my days that encourage consistent relaxation.

And, even though some might worry that all this relaxation will kill their productivity and their progress on projects, I'd interject as my experience shows actually better productivity. As allowing myself consistent downtime has actually improved my efficiency and energy to complete my real responsibilities, since I feel more well rounded and inspired.

I'd implore you to find activities that energize you today! What are activities that calm your spirit and slow your roll that you can incorporate into your day to day plans? Start with one and your future self will thank you!

Here's to balance Readers!

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